FMLC Scoping Forums function as focus groups on legal issues affecting specific sectors of the financial markets.  The forums are also spaces for discussion of broader issues of legal uncertainty. Members discuss and clarify issues that might cause substantive legal uncertainty in their industry sector and then submit them to the FMLC for further analysis.

The forums serve six key purposes:

  1. To establish a pool of expertise available to the FMLC;
  2. To enable open discussion among interested parties and facilitate collective legal risk assessment;
  3. To guide the FMLC and establish priorities for the expenditure of resources;
  4. To make recommendations to the FMLC as to specific issues to be addressed;
  5. To make non-binding suggestions as to how the FMLC should engage with the issues; and
  6. To nominate experts to working groups.


If you feel that you or someone from your firm could contribute to a Scoping Forum, please contact the FMLC Secretariat.

Active FMLC Scoping Forums