Journal Article: The impact of a No-Deal Brexit on financial markets: are we better prepared?

In an article for Butterworth’s Journal of International Banking and Finance Law, Dr Perkins and Venessa Parekh, Research Manager at the FMLC Secretariat, examine the progress made in the preparation for the U.K.’s withdrawal from the E.U. in the three years since the referendum.  The years since the Referendum have provided market participants, authorities and research organisations with an opportunity for a thorough-going analysis of the impact of Brexit on the financial markets—analysis which, perhaps, had not been completed before the Referendum. The assessment that resulted has informed much of the contingency planning in which market participants have engaged but it has also uncovered some problems which have proved intractable.

The Article then delves into analysis about the jurisdiction of English law and recognition of English court judgments, the “onshoring” legislation, market access and legacy contracts and contractual continuity.

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