FLP Papers

These pre-2002 Financial Law Panel papers are for reference only. If you have an enquiry regarding these or any other FLP papers contact the FMLC Secretariat at contact@fmlc.org.

July 2002
The London Metal Exchange and LME Warrants
A discussion of the legal nature of LME Warrants

July 2001
Standard Methodology – (Draft only – 26 July 2001)
Legal Risk Assessment

October 1996
Report in the light of the European Commission’s Proposal for Council Regulations on some provisions relating to the introduction of the Euro
Economic and Monetary Union Continuity of Contracts

September 1995
Fund Management and Market Transactions, A Practice Recommendation
Fund Management and Market Transactions

November 1993
Netting of Counterparty Exposure
A Guidance Note by the Financial Law Panel 19 November 1993

November 1993
Legal Uncertainties in Fund Management
Agency/Undisclosed Principal A Private Paper – December 1993