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Owing to the circumstances around COVID-19, the FMLC has taken the decision to cancel all Scoping Forum meetings, colloquiums, seminars and other events scheduled for the month of March.  The Secretariat will continue to work on ongoing research projects, including monitoring and responding to Consultations and facilitating the drafting of publications through Working Groups.  We will update this space as plans for coming months become clearer.

The Secretariat continues to function remotely at full capacity.  Should you wish to draw the Committee’s attention to a specific area of legal uncertainty affecting the wholesale financial markets, please email Venessa at

13 May 2020

Stakeholder teleconference - Covid-19: Legal uncertainties for the wholesale financial markets

29 April 2020

Stakeholder teleconference - Covid-19: Legal uncertainties for the wholesale financial markets

30 March 2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an immense, if rapidly evolving, impact on individuals, communities, and organisations.  In addition to effects on the supply and demand, COVID-19 has jolted the financial markets.  Since February 21, 2020, bond yields, oil, and equity prices have sharply fallen, and trillions of dollars, across almost all asset classes, have sought safety. In the United States, 10-year bond yields have tumbled below 0.5 percent and equity prices on major stock indices around the world have fallen.

Given the response by governments around the world to COVID-19, which has included steps such as closing down places of business and restricting the movement of people, several legal issues are likely to arise in the context of the financial markets.

The Committee has met remotely and decided it might be helpful to list some of the legal complexities arising in this context.  The note can be downloaded here.

Should you wish to bring any other and/or related issues to the Committee’s attention, please email Venessa Parekh at

26 March 2020

Members of the FMLC convened to discuss issues of legal uncertainty arising specifically in the context of the pandemic.  Minutes of that call are available to read here.

Horizon-scanning activities

The Secretariat is considering convening a stakeholder teleconference to discuss such issues in the first half of April.  Should you wish to join such a call, please email Venessa Parekh at

You may also like to know that issues affecting particular sectors will be discussed on an ad hoc basis by the FMLC's discussion groups, known as Scoping Forums.  Details about the fields in which these Forums convene, as well as minutes of previous meetings which provide an indicative overview of the topics normally discussed, can be found here.  If you would like to join one of these Forums, please contact Katja Trela-Larsen at